LL16ARE - Acoustic Guitar

The L16 features all-solid Rosewood/Mahogany back and sides with hand-selected premium Engelmann Spruce top. Newly designed bracing pattern and A.R.E. treatment create rich warmth and open resonance while maintaining excellent tone balance which makes this gutar fit in a band perfectly. In addition, new comfortable neck profile and Yamaha's Zero impact pickup ensure you a stress-free performance on stage.


Yamaha LL56

The Yamaha L series certainly builds on Yamaha's many years of experience in the area of acoustic guitars. The Custom models are the crown jewels of the series, made by master artisans who really pulled out all the stops with material selection and the finishes featured on these instruments. This LL56 Custom ARE takes the cake on all fronts. For starters, it features a rare and melodious solid Engelmann spruce top. Next, luxurious abalone position markers and likewise abalone body bindings add charm and class. Furthermore, the 5-piece neck features an ebony fingerboard, which plays very comfortably thanks to its fine wood grain and also offers a snappy sound response.